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How to get people all riled up.

How to get [business] people all riled up.

Talk about the following: Innovation, Branding, and Design.

Of course you don’t ever have to actually suggest a plan of action for making those key ideas and buzz words a part of your corporate culture or business strategy, but rather just sprinkle them in. A lot of people have been doing a lot of sprinkling these days. Talk, talk, talk. Very little action. We’ve seen what these “in” ideas and words can create in the case of P&G or IKEA or Target or Apple [And the list goes on] but really, how do these exemplary businesses turn a couple of big ideas and words into an action and an executable strategy that can sustain? How does a brand successfully leverage design to create innovation manifesting itself into a cutting-edge, desired, and obsessed-over brand?

Look no further than Mr. Nussbuam’s new magazine venture, INside Innovation. This magazine will “teach managers how innovation really gets done”. [Check it out for yourself: it goes live tomorrow night, June 8, 2006.]

What a great concept. You know Bruce Nussbuam as the BusinessWeek authority and guru on all things business, design, and innovation. Giving structure to what the majority sees as obvious and yet ambiguous is a behemoth task. But kudos to Mr. Nussbuam for taking on the challenge, for his expertise and the knowledge to surround himself with folks of the same caliber should prove inspiring and intriguing and will surely incite much debate. And, oh, how I love a good debate!

Speaking of which…

How to get [design] people all riled up.

Undermine their role by holding a contest rather than a client review from an employed design team/firm. Check out DesignObserver’s blog for the latest debate on this one. [Make sure you’ve got some time to read. You’ve been warned.]


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