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The Start of Something: The ZIBS Blog

Welcome to the Zyman Institute of Brand Science's blog - where we focus on the intersection of branding practices and business performance.

The blog's goal will be to start conversations around a few topics of interest to ZIBS:

- Branding History
- Benefits of Branding
- Brand Strategy
- Resource Allocation
- Brand Lifecycle Management
- Marketing Programs
- Operations Management and Branding
- Brand Strength Assessment
- Brand Performance
- Brand Valuation
- Business to Consumer Branding
- Business to Business Branding
- Technology Branding
- Services Branding
- Branding Case Studies
- Branding Best/Worst Practices
- Private Label Competition
- Branding Commodities
- Branding in Emerging Markets
- Branding Retail Organizations

We invite you to participate, to contribute - ideas, suggestion, comments and insights. Join us in our learning journey...

We've been thinking about doing this for some time now, prodded by Greg, Christian and you, our visitors.


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