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Living the Brand

The CMO has two major internal objectives in ensuring brand vitality and consistency: (1) to develop programs that provide employees an in-depth understanding of the brand essence and (2) to ascertain the employees intimately know the customer experience. The latter helps with customer empathy and with brand innovation. In doing so frontline employees can identify gaps in the brand essence and the brand delivery that can help management improve the potency of the brand experience.

Good People Co. LTD, a South Korean manufacturer of clothing sponsors a “pajama day” where all the employees are required to wear sleepwear which allows them to innovate on the brand experience. In the photo, what looks quite whimsical could actually be a leg up on the competition.


Methods like “Staple yourself to the customer” “customer case analysis” “customer led innovation” are all ways of wiring your company into customer needs. However, one key thing to note is these methods are often those of incremental innovation rather than radical innovation. CMO’s that lead the market initiate projects that embody both types of innovation.

Good People Co. LTD.


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